Friday, March 14, 2003

Smart Back Home, But Brainwashed (Again)

Elizabeth Smart is back home, but it is clear that during her captivity she became enamored with her captors and at least superficially accepted their dopey philosophy. Her father, Ed Smart, can blame no one (aside from the kidnappers) for these events besides himself and his wife.

It was their altruism that led them to invite street bums and former convicts into their home for work. This when they could have easily hired reputable professionals and not put their children in contact with dubious strangers.

As to this brainwashing issue, I find it amusing that people get all bent out of shape when she might be brainwashed by the kidnappers, but don't mind when she is brainwashed by her parents. Here Ed Smart and his wife are to blame again, they disabled her mind at a young age by making her attend church and feeding her garbage about imaginary beings in the sky. Not to mention they are Mormons, which means he had to feed her a bunch of trash about Jesus coming to America after his resurrection (also garbage!) and talking to the Indians.

I hope that after this girl is home for a while she will utilize her mind a little and realize their is no difference between the meniacal ravings of either her parents or "Emmanuel." This is an unrealistic hope though which I would not bet on.

As for these "drifters." These people sicken me. Not only are they philosophically on par with Osama's Terrorists (God tells them what to do) but they are seriously dangerous criminals. They think they can violate property rights at any time, not to mention forcibly abduct people and keep them hostage to satisfy whatever it is they think is their mission (to gather about wives or some such nonsense). It's too bad kidnapping doesn't still bring about the death penalty for it is a truely henious crime. Like rape and murder, kidnapping destroys or temporarily ruins the lives of not only the direct victims, but of everyone else they know. Kidnapping more so than rape though as the parents have had something stolen from them that no amount of money (or prayer) can ever replace and the children kidnapped have whatever swath of time in their lives entirely stolen from them.

I would have armed a posse of men to search for her if I had had Ed Smart's resources and was in the same situation. As it sounds that the public officials in the Salt Lake City police department screwed this case up badly.

On one further note. It is pissing me off that everytime something good happens, it is automatically called a miracle. This pisses me off not only because I think miracles are fantasy but because the definition of the word miracle is being ignored. A miracle is something which defies the laws of nature, such as coming back to life or floating in the air. There is nothing miraculous about this case or any of the other events that people are using the word miracle for. But my protestations won't stop this unfortunately.

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