Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Capitalist Chicks

It's like a world us Capitalist men only hear about in fables. A group of rational Capitalist women. Sounds like a myth, but it is true, and I must say that is very encouraging to see it. I don't know if these Capitalist women have had similar thoughts about the presence of Capitalist men out there, but from all of my anecdotal evidence, gained through many conversations, it would certainly seem as if Capitalist women are in short supply.

But the website I've found, Capitalist Chicks, turns this misconception by a great number of Capitalist men, myself included, on its head. Not only are they obviously a determined lot of Pro-Capitalist and rational women, those who founded the group are obviously driven enough to take their ideas out to the world. And any time someone does that, especially when it comes to something controversial, we all witness a great intellectual achievement, thought.

So I salute you and wholeheartedly welcome you to the fight against the forces of tyranny and collectivism. It is a fight we can never relent in or one we can expect to win without fighting. But it is clear to me that you all already know this.

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