Saturday, March 22, 2003

Loving Saddam, Hating America
By Alexander Marriott
UNLV Rebel Yell: March 24, 2003

As the war began Wednesday evening most Americans realized that whatever their position in the war debate was, hostilities had commenced and the time for debating was over. Except of course those who could be seen protesting in major cities and getting arrested, they still seem to think the debate is happening.

This is typical though, because these protestors never cared about the war anyway, at least most of them. They weren’t out there when Bosnia was invaded, or Kosovo was bombed, or Iraq was bombed for that matter. Why? Oh yes, Bill Clinton was President, and of course he wasn’t a Republican.

I don’t understand why lefties are so scared of Republicans in the White House. We often hear the call of fascism and racism as the reasons from the boneheads on the streets, but the fascists were socialists, and racism is a collectivist practice that has more in common with the left than the right. It’s important to note as well that no Republican has ever halted the expansion of the federal government, despite rhetoric to the contrary.

Then there is abortion. We are told the Republicans will end abortion. Without sixty die hard anti-abortion votes in the senate though, that seems impossible. Not to mention that changing the law would more likely require a constitutional amendment, which would never pass thankfully, due to the difficulty of such an endeavor.

Of course there are still sour grapes over the 2000 election. Bush, we are told, is illegitimate. How? The popular vote in aggregate is insignificant in this country for several reasons; 1) The President is elected indirectly by the people through electors and 2) The States in the United States are effectively charged, the way the system has been perverted over the years, in electing the President. Anyhow, one could make a better claim that Bill Clinton was illegitimate, garnering only 43% of the vote in 1992. I wouldn’t make that claim though because I understand and endorse our electoral system.

Capitalism. Bush is a capitalist and is therefore evil. But Bush’s actions in office don’t support this assertion. Bush raised steel tariffs, increased farm subsidies, vastly increased education spending, and increased regulations on the business community after Enron. These actions are hardly capitalistic, in fact they are entirely leftist in their origins.

Ah wait, Bush does seem to genuinely love America and at least pays lip service to its founding fathers and ideals. Bill Clinton and Al Gore could never be accused of such a thing, Al Gore failing even to identify who the founding fathers were when he saw their busts at Monticello (despite his standing as a genius.) What does America stand for? Individual Rights. Seems good unless you’re a collectivist, then this idea doesn’t mesh well as we are groups, not individuals. Capitalism, which we all know is evil and the root of all problems, ever. Limited Government and low taxation. This is entirely unacceptable for those out in the streets. A limited government means that power is limited and low taxation means they can’t buy off people and make them dependent on the government.

These ideas, the very ideas from which this country was born are at odds with the loons on the streets and the idiots around the world. They are at odds even with Bush, he just doesn’t realize it, but at least he thinks they are something worth fighting for. The people on the streets hate them and instead love the communist command economy and wholesale disregard of individual rights as displayed by Saddam Hussein and his ilk.

Sad that such people exist, but they do. They will have to be defeated as well for the war on terrorism to succeed. Not militarily of course, but intellectually. Their stupid and irrational ideas are what make the Saddams and Fidels of the world possible, and as a consequence, the terrorists. No freedom has ever been won by environmentalists, socialists, or peace protestors; nor has that ever been their goal.

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