Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well it's been a couple of years, so it must be time for another tale of heartbreak. I will spare everyone those details, but as in the last case, I won't spare you the awful poetical outpourings of my shattered heart. I'll be fine though, and hopefully blogging a bit more in the coming weeks as I draft dissertation chapters and resume living.

Again, I am here, love’s loyal supplicant
Again, I have failed, all must now grant.
My love I offer and again it’s mine
How does this happen time after time?

A match so complementary, how could it founder?
But all is lost as I pathetically flounder!
No soul searches as much as I and yet,
On my success no observant eyes would bet.

Few love this world as much as I,
Yet what I want most seems to be too high.
Ought I to withdraw from these futile endeavors?
When it seems that all life’s joys are unattainable treasures?

What flaw hampers me that I don’t see?
Could I even fix whatever’s the matter with me?
Or is the rest of humanity mad?
Not one thing now can make me glad!