Thursday, May 04, 2006


OK, so my posting has been very spotty for a while and on some strange topics at times. Now that my second semester of graduate school is winding down I will be making more frequent and, hopefully, more coherent posts. There are many depressingly interesting things going on right now, i.e. immigration debate, gas price hysteria, Iranian nuclear weapons procurement, etc, etc, etc.

I will do my best to offer any insights I can into these issues in the coming weeks and months. I am shifting all of my history related postings onto a new blog, "The Blog of the Early Republic," which is linked on the sidebar of this blog if you're interested in what I am doing on that front.

I don't plan to do any extended writing with this post, but I'll throw a few predictions out there (which I promise to come back to when that which they address is decided) for those of you reading to mull over and possibly dispute. 1) the Republicans will lose control of at least one of the houses of congress in the November elections, I am inclined to the Senate given the heavy gerrymandering of house districts, but I can see both possibly switching if things continue as they are. 2) should any legislation against price "gouging" or fixing prices, etc. towards gas and oil companies go into effect the price of gas will go higher almost immediately. 3) Hugo Chavez will not reliquish power voluntarily and will assume a formal dictatorship (or its equivalent) at some point as he is quickly becoming the hero of marxists and fellow travelers all over Latin America as well as the world. 4) this is a long way away, but I am pretty confident that there will be a Democrat in the White House as the 44th President in 2009 unless (and this is very unlikely) a moderate or liberal Republican emerges as the nominee and (much more likely) the Republicans lose at least partial control of the congress, the Democrats could mess this dynamic up is they nominate a real wackjob, but I anticipate that whoever makes it out of their nominating process will not be such a person, for what that's worth.

Anyway, when or if any of these things comes to pass, or does not, I will pull the prediction back up and explain my reasoning and how brilliant I was to anticipate such a result or (unlikely) why I turned out to be wrong.

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