Friday, July 08, 2005

Graduate School

Things are falling into place for my departure to graduate school. I am officially slated to leave at 11:55 PM on August 14, to move into my graduate dorm on the 15th. I'm finally finished getting all of those pesky vaccinations. Of course, due to my longing for more work (and Dr. Brook's urging) I am also applying to the Objectivist Academic Center's graduate program, which will be testing me via e-mail on August 12. Now that I've shared that with you I'll have to own up to how it goes, good or bad, so look forward to that (or don't). Look forward to my bitter commentaries from the lion's den, Massachusetts, starting in mid-August, as well as my take on airports and planes. Last time I flew was in December '04 and I was required to take off my shoes and belt, because, obviously, I fit some sort of terrorist profile. Let's see if I can slip through the dragnet this time. I will be posting some book recommendations before I leave and perhaps some thoughts about the Supreme Court.

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Blair said...

All the best for your new surrounding in Taxachussets. You're right up the road from me. Especially, hope you fare well with OAC.