Monday, September 27, 2004


On Thursday the first of what is being called "debates" will take place between George W. Bush and John Kerry. I intend to watch, principally for screwups, one liners, and possibly the picture of candidate Kerry profusely sweating (as his debate negotiating team wasn't able to get the temperature in the room below 70 degrees).

This is not what a debate is for, and if the candidates never intend to have a real debate then they should eliminate this campaign sideshow. For a real debate watch Leonard Peikoff and John Ridpath debate the morality of capitalism with some socialists, or dig up transcripts of the Lincoln and Douglas debates. These are just forums to show how well the candidates can memorize answers to questions and fit them into the appropriate time allowed for response. The candidates aren't even allowed to question each other. What kind of debate is that?

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