Thursday, September 30, 2004

Cancel Nuclear Weapons? For Us?!

From tonight's Presidential Debate.

John Kerry, when asked about what he thought would be the most important issue in the next fours years for his possible presidency, said the most important issue was nuclear proliferation. He then went on to explain how much he was angry with the Bush administration for daring to develop a nuclear tipped bunker buster bomb. Implying of course that the goal of destroying nuclear weapons, even to defend the United States, is a noble and worthy good.

How can limiting the ability of the United States to defend itself be good in any way? George Bush didn't pick up on this outrageous statement instead deciding to point out that nuclear proliferation, to the extent that it risks getting weapons into the hands of terrorists, is the main problem. Kerry's statement shows us that he is still stuck in his old hippie mindset where the United States with nuclear weapons is just as dangerous as the USSR, or in this case, Islamic terrorists.

Of course the media won't highlight this.


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