Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Rebel Yell advisory board will meet tomorrow morning, presumably to discuss the mess the people who run the Rebel Yell have gotten themselves into.

I was not invited to attend this meeting by anyone on the advisory board so I therefore don't intend to, they know who I am and how to contact me. I have no idea what they will decide, but I can't imagine they will be too pleased by a weeks worth of publicity, nearly all of which has been negative.

Hopefully they will have the good judgment and foresight to end this matter in a just and proper way as it concerns me, i.e. having the paper apologize and retract it's charges prominently and publicily and to at least offer me my job back (which I don't plan to accept). As to what happens to the people working at the paper who are responsible for this, the advisory board can decide if any of this was necessary and go from there. In terms of the English professor who was the intial source of all of this, she will be dealt with separtely, presumably by her department, for purposely and falsely targeting a student, putting his future school and career hopes in jeopardy rather than mustering her reasoning faculties and making an argument.

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