Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Much has been made lately of the search, futile thus far, for weapons of mass destruction, and how if they are not found then President Bush and Prime Minister Blair will pay for it. How foolish these persons are, when pretext for war on weapons of mass destruction didn't exist based on their existence, but Saddam's historical non-compliance with weapons inspections. Also, Iraqi attacks on US Aircraft in the No-Fly Zones constituted an act of war that should have been responded to. Not to mention that in a War on Terrorism, a terrorist sponsoring state like Iraq was a fair target regardless of weapons of mass destruction.

Weapons of mass destruction were merely used to illustrate the severity of threat a regime like Saddam's could pose, but his training facilities, the hollowed out shell of an airplane being one of them, could be just as big a threat in creating more events like September 11. Also his blatant and undeniable support for Anti-American Palestinian terrorists was all the evidence one needed to go to war with Iraq. Freeing the people of Iraq became a viable reason to go to war when our troops were on the ground and it was easily within our power to do it. And, yes, it is still a viable reason to go to war with just about every country bordering Iraq.

Critics say that Syria and Iran and numerous countries in the region present the same threats as Iraq, why aren't we going to war with them? They are absolutely right, but why don't they advocate it? Most of the countries in the region are of the same character of Iraq and deserve to be eliminated, and hopefully it will be done sooner or later with our covert or overt help.

The fault in terms of Weapons of Mass Destruction lies with Saddam, even if he turned good, through expediency as he was warned by French Intelligence, it was his history of lieing and bad will that caused everyone to call him a liar once again. It was his continueing obsession with shooting down American jets that made us believe that cooperating wasn't his aim, rightfully so.

People shouldn't take the absence of weapons of mass destruction, based on the dubious assumption that none are found, that Saddam didn't have them, or wouldn't have produced them again someday. He may still have passed them to others countries or to terrorists, or he may have destroyed them when the inspectors got there, hoping international pressure would force the American government to back off. However his record of lieing, trying to kill American pilots and former Presidents came back to haunt him, finally, and he was eliminated as a threat to the world. This is all that is important about remembering the war, it was more than just and more than due in happening.

If we truely don't find any weapons then we must worry that terrorists or terrorists regimes in that region have them or that their destruction was just Saddam's last deceit. Either way this battle in the War on Terror was won and we now know more clearly who are friends are and who they aren't. It is time to consider the other five members of the Axis of Evil, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Libya, and Cuba.

North Korea - I see two options. Destroy their nuclear facilities in air strikes or blockade the country and make it clear that we consider their sale of nuclear weapons or any weapons of mass destruction as sever as their being used on us by them and will respond accordingly.

Iran - There is no reason we can't or shouldn't go to war against the Iranian regime right now just as we did in Iraq. This country is the most active sponsor of terrorism in the world and it seems clear that most of the people in Iran dislike the ruling Mullahs.

Syria - Active sponsor of terror against our ally, Israel. They need to be taken out if Iran's destruction doesn't force them to comply with us.

Libya - Talk about a cake walk, we don't need any country's help for this one, giant cost line is rip for Marine Landings and carriers can easily launch unimpeded air strikes to eliminate this once "great" sponsor of terror.

Cuba - Right next to us killing and terrorizing its people and notorious in its international terror efforts, particularly in Africa. There is nothing to stop us here, we did it for much less a hundred years ago, it's time to do it again, hopefully the right way this time.

Of course this will mean military expansion, but that's is the government's main task and to do it properly will mean more men and equipment. If they need people, I'll join, but it must be done and soon so as to prevent the next 9/11 or a worse event from taking place.

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