Thursday, May 01, 2003

Things to Watch For This Summer
By Alexander Marriott
UNLV Rebel Yell: May 5, 2003

School’s ending and a welcomed summer break is upon us, but what’s happening in politics this summer that should catch the attentions of us all?

War on Terrorism – There are still terrorist sponsoring regimes operating freely, Iran most notably. Whether Bush decides to win the war quickly or mold the war to fit political concerns will be something to watch for this summer.

Collapse of US-Franco Relations – As documents continue to be uncovered showing the intelligence ties of the Chirac government to Saddam Hussein, as recent as several months ago, the already strained relations of our country and France will continue to fall apart. It is clear that until our government or the French government changes there will be no chance for normalcy (nor should we want normalcy given the current leadership of France), and this summer it can only get worse.

Federal Tax Cuts – It appears we may get to keep more of our money over the next decade if the President is able to get his new tax cut plan through congress. This ten year tax cut was originally $750 billion, which would mean $75 billion a year, which would mean for 280 million people each of us would get $268 every year. But of course not everyone works and we don’t all pay the same amount in taxes so it will vary, but anytime you get your money back, or get to keep it in the first place, is a good day.

Nevada Tax Increases – After Assemblyman Bob Beers debunked Kenny Guinn’s $700 million budget shortfall claim it is looking increasingly like there won’t be any increases enacted by the legislature. However, given the legislature’s typical refusal to do its job, these tax increases will be put on the ballot and the special interest group commercials from the teachers and labor unions will try to convince us to pass taxes on ourselves.

Iraqi Reconstruction – This will be an interesting news story as we haven’t engaged in any project this ambitious since turning Feudal autocratic and irrational Japan and totalitarian Germany into free Republics. Things to watch out for are whether or not we demand a separation of church and state, and if their constitution is modeled after ours or Great Britain’s.

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls – With election year looming the eight guys and one gal trying to get the Democratic nomination will become increasingly hostile to one another in an effort to make their campaigns standout. The things to watch for this summer are defining issues. Dick Gephardt has chosen a socialism-lite healthcare plan as his central issue, but what will the others pick? Who knows, stay tuned to find out.

Summer Movies – X-Men opened of course, but there is also The Matrix sequel in a week to watch for. Also Terminator 3 is coming out this summer as well as what I’m sure will be a whole host of duds and crap that is usually the norm.

Independence Day – What ought to be the best day for every American, our freedom and the men who fought to secure it for us deserve great reflection upon this day. Without them we would not be a free people, and may have ended up like Canada. What a nightmare that would be, damn French-Canadians and regular Canadians everywhere. Our leader could end up being named Jean Chretian!!! One need not ponder this anymore for the sake of one’s stomach.

I would like to wish everyone a great summer vacation. I hope all of you did well in your classes and are able to return next semester as a result. If you’re graduating then I wish you luck in getting a job, or in your graduate studies. I had a great time writing this semester, I hope you had a great time reading and I hope we can do it again next semester.

To quote Adam Sandler in a particularly funny sketch on Saturday Night Live about rappers, “Peace! I’m outta here!”

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