Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well it's been a couple of years, so it must be time for another tale of heartbreak. I will spare everyone those details, but as in the last case, I won't spare you the awful poetical outpourings of my shattered heart. I'll be fine though, and hopefully blogging a bit more in the coming weeks as I draft dissertation chapters and resume living.

Again, I am here, love’s loyal supplicant
Again, I have failed, all must now grant.
My love I offer and again it’s mine
How does this happen time after time?

A match so complementary, how could it founder?
But all is lost as I pathetically flounder!
No soul searches as much as I and yet,
On my success no observant eyes would bet.

Few love this world as much as I,
Yet what I want most seems to be too high.
Ought I to withdraw from these futile endeavors?
When it seems that all life’s joys are unattainable treasures?

What flaw hampers me that I don’t see?
Could I even fix whatever’s the matter with me?
Or is the rest of humanity mad?
Not one thing now can make me glad!


オテモヤン said...


Richard said...

I know the pain, and I sympathize. I am not yet 'over' a similar loss thre years ago.

I knew her for 6 yrs before our relationship began. She was excellent at grasping and integrating Objectivism into her life. I fell for her, permanently.

In our four years together, I helped her get her profession started. As I too tried to start a business, something slowly went wrong with her (perhaps over two years).

Then, as she was earning $66,000/yr, she looted me of at least $50,000, and spread slanderous rumors about me.

Two years later, still carrying her axe in my chest, I learned that she was afflicted with the Borderline Personality Disorder. I had explained some of her behaviors to an acquaintance that was a psychiatric nurse. The nurse recognized them as a rather severe case.

At least that helped me understand that her insane treatment of me was not coming from the same 'person' she was when we become lovers.

Her actions were worse than anything Cheryl Taggart faced, and made Lillian Rearden seem rather caring. Neither of those women had read Atlas Shrugged, let alone participated in an OPAR study group, using Gary Hull's Study Guide!

Alexander said...

Now I can literally say my problems don't amount to a hill of beans. Sorry to hear about that one, sir.

Richard said...

Alex, you will be fine, as you are still young. Melanie did this to me when I was 56. My chances of a future romance of the same brilliance are slim (how many people/women could succeed at OPAR?).

Still, I hope to turn a business idea into an Objective success, and perhaps that will also bring me a romance, of the kind I thought I had with Melanie, but that it will last.

Anonymous said...

Alexander - I am a "provincial housewife" struggling to stimulate enough gray matter to homeschool 8 children. I stumbled upon your article What is a Republic vs a Democracy on I like to read the opinions of thoughtful folks, so I went to your blog to see what else you have written. Good stuff!!! Especially enjoyed reading your letter to Senator Reid. And your poem made me laugh. Keep your chin up. May the Lord bless you with a good wife in His perfect time!

russian.christion45 said...

Hello Alex Marriott, whom I hope I could call Scooter someday. I hope we can become friends while blogging or e-mailing. Even though I'm only 13, I know more than kids in my school. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a nerd, I don't know more in the subjects. I know how to act. I always have a point. I am a loyal, honest, secreat keeping, trusting friend. I always tell the truth. In my school it is rare to be able to find a non-perverted, non greedy friend. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Remember you are young, find a girl with a good personality and become friends with her. You'll find yourself a girl. Don't feel bad about it, she left you. A perfectly nice, handsome guy, it's her loss. Not yours. I hope you can blog or e-mal back.

russian.christion45 said...
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