Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hooray for the Sunnis

In a move generally looked down upon by the press and certainly by the Bush administration, the Sunni factions in Iraq are poised to disavow the Iraqi constitution for several reasons one of which is the imposition of Islam as the source of the country's laws. The Sunnis object for a couple of reasons, the first being a proclivity towards secularism fostered by the secularism of the Bath party, which while being dictatorial, was generally westernized in respect to religious fanaticism. The second is an obvious and well-grounded fear that the majority Shiites will install the Imams who will interpret the Koran in a way detrimental to non-Shiites.
So while the terrorists seem to be mainly Sunnis, I must say a hooray for them for (seemingly) putting the brakes on an ill-conceived and fundamentally fatal constitutional structure.

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