Sunday, May 29, 2005

France Rejects EU Constitution

This is an issue muddled by the muddled philosophy of European politics. While pleasure must be drawn from President Chirac's public embarrasment over this issue one must also remember that Chirac represents probably the least insane mainstream political force in France. He has been outdone by socialists, communists, fascists, greens, and other associated nut jobs. Why? They allege that the EU Constitution will bring forth unbridled capitalism and destroy Europe and France. How any constitution which runs past 400 pages can ensure the liberty capitalism requires is beyond me since such ideas should take relatively few pages to explain. From what I know of the EU Constitution, it is built on the quicksand of the mixed economy. While it breaks down barriers to trade between member states, it leaves barriers in place to the outside. I have heard there is a listing of fundamental rights, but without a copy of the document I don't know what these rights are, but I can guess that it includes many things which are not rights at all. There is a realpolitik saying that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," but this is not always true and needs to be evaluated just as vigorously as when you decide who your original enemies are. Just because Chirac is America's nemesis in Western Europe does not make those who have dealt the final blow to his career our friends, far from it. They represent what will be a further radicalization of European politics against liberalism, against reason, against capitalism, against Western Civilization itself.

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