Friday, March 04, 2005

Book Chapters

I am currently writing a book, tentatively titled "The Secular Founding of America," and before I start posting chapters for reading, since the first two are pretty nearly finished, I thought I would release the chapter names to give everyone an idea of the book's outline. Warning, I don't think I can post the footnote's onto the blog so you wil have to wait until the book is published to read those.

The Secular Founding of America
Part One
Chapter One: The Ten Commandments and the Jewish Tradition
Chapter Two: Jesus Christ - Peasant God
The Catholics
Chapter Three: Saint Augustine - The First Christian Philosopher
Chapter Four: Sir Thomas More - Catholic Utopian
The Protestants
Chapter Five: Martin Luther - The Return of Augustinian Thought
Chapter Six: John Calvin's City of God - Geneva
Part Two
Chapter Seven: George Washington
Chapter Eight: John Adams
Chapter Nine: Thomas Jefferson and the Eighteenth Century Enlightenment

Chapter Ten: James Madison and the Constitution
Conclusion: The Gentile Greeks and Romans


Apollo said...

That looks reallygood, cant wait to see the finished product.

bbrown said...

I may be missing some important information, but the table of contents that you've presented doesn't seem to really fit the title of the book. The first six chapters have nothing to do with anything secular or America.

Could you give a brief outline of one the first seven chapters so your readers might see how "Jesus Christ: Peasant God" might be relevant to the secular founding of America?