Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mr. Marriott Goes to Washington

I am off tomorrow morning to Washington DC to attend the Reagan-Truman Freedom Awards reception at the Embassy of the Czech Republic for the Victims of Communism Memorial being built in the nation's capital. This memorial, which is one of the few "charities" I have supported over the years, will commemorate the deaths of the nearly 100 million victims of communism all over the world and serve as a reminder to freedom loving people everywhere of the evils of communism. Unlike the National Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, this effort has found scant support in congress and thus relies almost entirely on private funding to be completed. I hope everyone who can, will take the time to visit this organization's website, which I have linked on this blog, and decide whether or not this is a worthy value to donate time and/or money.

I'll be back Thursday afternoon.


McGroarty said...

The site has a page for donations, but it's only a printable form. If somebody who knows more about these things could direct them toward accepting PayPal and/or credit card donations, this could be better than any financial donation one could make.

Alexander said...

Yes, I would agree with you there, but I noticed that they updated the system to accept PayPal payments for the dinner. I don't see why they can't apply this to the donation page eventually as well.