Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Beheading People in the Middle East

This is the common punishment for murder in such countries as Saudi Arabia, but it is quickly becoming the punishment of choice among terrorists for their western captives. It makes no difference to the dead people how they are killed or subsequently mutilated, as they are dead all the same. A gun shot in the head or having one's head cut off makes no difference except perhaps in pain if one is alive when the beheading begins. The point is to frighten the living with the prospect of being beheaded. It is not unlike Vlad the Impaler's efforts to frighten his enemies by impaling defeated armies on pikes and letting the impaled die a slow painful death which all would witness in one way or another, either by sight, sound, smell, or combination of the three. The news coverage and the sheer terror that strikes most people at the idea of having one's head cut off will no doubt have some effect. Whether the effect is to harden people's resolve or to make them fearful and wish to cut and run is not clear yet. But given the general decline in the masculinity of society at large, the unwillingness to act and not look back tends to suggest that more people will become weak-kneed as opposed to becoming more resolved.

I would suggest that we retaliate in kind. When we kill terrorists we should do everything to their bodies that is out of keeping with their fundamentalist Islamic faith. I'm not exactly sure what this would entail in full, but I know that Muslims, like Jews, need to be burried quickly and that they are pointed in specific directions (i.e. towards Mecca). Terrorists should not be afforded any of this treatment. We should find out what the most disdainful thing that can be done to a dead muslim body and do that to the dead terrorists. Use their own irrationalism against them. It won't stop them from their jihad, only death can do that, but it will show them that we will ruin their chances to go their afterlife when they are dead and that will count for something.

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