Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I find it rather amusing that conservatives, typically characterized by the media as "hawks" as concerns the war on terrorism, are beating each other up to be the first to see the new movie The Passion of the Christ in which the hero (Jesus) encourages one to love one's enemies. In fact you should love them as you love oneself, if not more, and take their blows on the cheeck, presumably until you die (like Jesus) or until they give up or are miraculously changed into loving you as well. In fact, this is the explicit foreign policy of the conservatives' policitical enemies, the liberals. They preach, quite openly, that it is not the fault of the terrorists, they come from poor countries, instead of throwing bombs at them we should be throwing money at them, and if they attack us more then we're not throwing enough money to them. Hence, both conservatives and liberals agree on the insidious morality of Jesus of Nazareth (as he wasn't the messiah and therefore not the "Christ"). Why do conservatives fight terrorism (though in an ass backward and ham-fisted way) and liberals refuse to do so? Because the liberals already beat them to the "surrender America first" political slogan? I don't know for sure, but it's a rather disturbing thought when you consider how little really separates both of these political movements.

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