Saturday, January 17, 2004

Michael Jackson is Not Black
By Alexander Marriott January 17, 2004

Sick and tired of hearing about Michael Jackson’s standing in the “black community?” First, the black individuals in America are not a homogenous group of automatons, and second, it used to be racist to refer to a whole group of people based on nothing other that superficial skin pigmentation. Plus there is one other problem, Michael Jackson is not black, he’s white.

Perhaps I’m just insane but every time I’ve seen him on TV lately he’s appeared whiter than me. It is true that once upon a time Michael Jackson was black, but insofar as skin color is based on anything at all, he’s certainly not black anymore. To maintain that he is black is to do deny reality, because the evidence of eyesight tells us that he is not. To maintain that he is black is to maintain that race is based on something other than skin color and bone structures and this is where one slips, necessarily, into racism.

One would have to believe Michael Jackson is somehow black by blood even though he’s white as a sheet, pardon the pun. Such blood racism used to be the realm of segregationists and the Ku Klux Klan, but it is now the open implication of black “leaders” who claim that Michael Jackson is a victim of modern racism. Jackson, who stands like a dream project of the notorious Nazi, Dr. Mengele, is now held up as the prototype victim of white bigots.

This turn toward racist implications is not surprising though considering who Jackson has chosen to associate with. The Nation of Islam is playing an increasingly visible role in Jackson’s security, finances, and legal defense. This is a group of black Muslims who are notoriously racist towards white and Jewish people so it should shock no one that they consider Jackson black even when, clearly, he is not. If this sort of blatant racism were displayed by a white person or supremacist group (for that is what the Nation of Islam is) it would be pointed out quickly by all of the media, but since most, if not all, of the media accepts the racism implied in things like calling Jackson black and multiculturalism the offense goes unnoticed.

Johnnie Cochran, Michael Jackson’s former lawyer and still close confidant, set forward the obvious dictum in the O.J. Simpson trial, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Now we need another obvious dictum, “If he isn’t black, then he’s not black,” and anyone who contends otherwise not only puts irrational importance in race, but is also, by implication, a racist and should be condemned as such.

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