Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Master and Commander

What an absolutely terrific movie. Not only is it historically (though the story is fictitious) great, but it is a very herioc picture as well. I haven't seen a movie as unabashedly happy to play classical music for its theme as this one in quite some time. Also happy that it was more than two hours, though you really don't notice it. I've seen it twice already and could probably end up seeing it again shortly.

It is movies like this, not the Matrix Revolutions (which stunk), that the movie theatre is meant for. It's great to see a return to heroic epics, like Gladiator, the upcoming Troy, and this film that once dominated Hollywood. Like Charles Krauthammer, who recently wrote about this film as well, I only hope it can succeed for it is really wonderful and intelligent and action filled.

I have never read these particular novels, written by Patrick O'Brien, but I have read most of the Hornblower series by C.S. Forrester. I'm definantly planning to start reading the O'Brien books though. And so, if you haven't seen this picture yet, go and see it and then tell everyone you know to go and see it, it's that good.

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